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YouthBuild champions opportunity youth as they realize their goals and aspirations, transform into the leaders of today and tomorrow, and provide valuable community service on a global scale – all while paying it forward to the next generation. Together, we’re building brighter futures.

Local Solutions,
Global Impact

All young people who enter a YouthBuild program, anywhere in the world, pursue a dual mission: to create a meaningful and productive life for themselves and their families, while giving their best energies to improve the world around them.

YouthBuild USA

YouthBuild International

Finding Her Place in the World

After enrolling in YouthBuild Ventures UK, Helen Hewa found the connections and support she needed to enter the construction industry and overcome the trauma of her past.

Reconstructing a Life through Service in West Virginia

While in the midst of personal struggle, Sharell Harmon never gave up. Instead, she found her voice and passion by serving others.

Reflecting Goodness for the Neighborhood

Pamella Gabriel dos Santos never took her eye off of her favela. She urges other young people like her to do the same.