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The Role of YouthBuild International

YouthBuild International supports the impact objectives, development, growth, and sustainability of the YouthBuild International Network implementation and learning partners.

YouthBuild International strives to:


Inspire learning

  • Facilitate research on priority network questions.
  • Scan, capture, synthesize and share out network innovations.
  • Design peer sharing events to facilitate exchange among staff, students, graduates and network partners.
  • Provide capacity-building services to network partners.



Document impact

  • Host network monitoring and evaluation systems to collect data on individual program and collective network impact.
  • Manage quality control systems and agreements across the network.
  • Assemble impact reports for internal and external audiences.
  • YouthBuild International Network members each track and synthesize data focused on program outcomes and youth mindset outcomes.



Mobilize opportunity youth voice and participation

  • Build and manage the virtual and in-person platforms for opportunity youth exchange and networking.



Grow depth and diversity of Network financial support

  • Mobilize diverse sources of finance to support network services, network members’ operations and growth plans, and research on innovations.



Secure and diversify partnerships

  • Cultivate NGO, training, education, government and private sector partnerships that yield technical and financial investments in youth livelihood creation.



Provide growth and impact planning services

  • Lead network member and network collective planning focused on growth, strategy, sustainability, and impact.
  • Provide consultation and resource development services to support the planning, adaptation, and implementation of locally operated YouthBuild programs and scaled networks of national and regional YouthBuild programsp