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YouthBuild USA

YouthBuild USA’s domestic work is focused on the 223 YouthBuild programs that are located in 47 U.S. states and territories.

We aim to increase the quality, impact, and sustainability of YouthBuild programs by:

  • Setting and maintaining YouthBuild program model design and student performance standards
  • Advancing and evolving innovations to the YouthBuild model
  • Providing technical assistance, coaching, and training to programs
  • Operating the national YouthBuild USA Affiliated Network
  • Advocating for federal funding to YouthBuild programs, and for policies that support YouthBuild programs and the young people they serve
  • Managing multi-site grants and contracts toward meeting impact targets
  • Building the YouthBuild brand and creating branding and messaging tools for YouthBuild programs
  • Developing partnerships with employers, companies, postsecondary institutions, and other nonprofit organizations

YouthBuild USA Services

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With youth leaders at the forefront, our Advocacy team leads efforts advocating for government funding that invests in YouthBuild programs. We also advocate for policy and systemic changes that improve the lives of opportunity youth.

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Alumni Services

Our Alumni Services team creates spaces where alumni from across the country can connect with each other, and provides opportunities that will help them succeed both professionally and personally.

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Since 1994, we have served as a national intermediary for YouthBuild AmeriCorps funds and education awards, bringing additional resources to YouthBuild USA Affiliate programs to expand their capacity and service within their community.

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AmeriCorps VISTA

The YouthBuild VISTA program engages full-time volunteers in national service to increase the capacity of local YouthBuild programs. Since 1965, VISTA members have served with the mission to strengthen community-based organizations that alleviate poverty.

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Career Pathways

Our Career Pathways team works with YouthBuild programs to help opportunity youth cultivate the skillsets and mindsets to become leaders in their communities and in the workforce by driving innovation and access to diverse career pathways.

U.S. Department of Labor

YouthBuild USA is the technical assistance provider for the U.S. Department of Labor’s YouthBuild program.

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YouthBuild Mentoring boosts academic achievement, assists with career exploration, enhances leadership development, and strengthens connections between YouthBuild students, their own families, communities, and community partners.

Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT)

SBIRT is a comprehensive public health approach to the delivery of early intervention and treatment services for persons with substance use disorders, as well as those who are “at risk” of developing these disorders.

YouthBuild USA Affiliated Network

The YouthBuild USA Affiliated Network is comprised of 165 YouthBuild programs across the country who are committed to the YouthBuild program model and philosophy by implementing and enhancing its design and performance standards and by maintaining a strong YouthBuild movement in partnership with YouthBuild USA and each other.