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Our Approach

For over forty years, YouthBuild has established a powerful framework for responding to the challenges faced by opportunity youth.

Supporting YouthBuild
Programs Globally

YouthBuild USA is the nonprofit support center for YouthBuild programs across the USA and internationally. The goal of the global support team is to leverage over 40 years of learning from programs around the world to create a comprehensive set of services to help ensure that every YouthBuild program can create impact in its community.

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YouthBuild USA

YouthBuild USA has built a robust network of over 230 domestic programs in 46 states and territories. They are sponsored and managed by local community-based nonprofits, community colleges, and public agencies.

YouthBuild International

Through YouthBuild International, the YouthBuild model has been implemented by NGOs, government agencies, international development institutions, and global companies in 17 countries. The model has been adapted for implementation in rural and urban settings located in developing countries, emerging economies, and industrialized nations.

“After the YouthBuild program, I feel totally different, both personally and professionally. It was a life experience that I will carry for my entire life.”

Rodrigo Henrique de Oliveira,
Graduate, Jovens Construtores, Brasil