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YouthBuild USA Affiliated Network

The YouthBuild USA Affiliated Network is comprised of approximately 165 YouthBuild programs across the United States who are committed to the YouthBuild program model and philosophy by implementing and enhancing its design and performance standards and maintaining a strong YouthBuild movement in partnership with YouthBuild USA and each other.

Benefits of Affiliation

Affiliates are eligible for a variety of benefits, including pass-through grants from YouthBuild USA, leadership opportunities, and access to a nationwide system of mutual support for directors, staff, and students. In return, affiliates agree to strive for and uphold quality programming, submit outcome data, and participate in the USA Affiliated Network as the core of the YouthBuild movement. Members join as a Provisional Affiliate and move up to Full Affiliate when quality benchmarks are met in accordance with performance standards. Learn more about what it takes to become an affiliate of YouthBuild USA here

National Directors Council

Leadership of the YouthBuild USA Affiliated Network is provided by the National Directors Council, a body elected by peer YouthBuild directors who influence the direction of the movement by taking initiative to create new projects, advising YouthBuild USA on matters affecting local programs, and advocating for public resources and policies for opportunity youth.

“YouthBuild is some of the most rewarding and challenging work there is, but there is strength in our national network of programs who care about YouthBuild’s success.”

— Jennifer Lawrence, President, National Directors Council, and Executive Director, SEAT Center, home of Full Affiliate YouthBuild Schenectady in New York.

Learn More

Learn more about becoming an affiliate by downloading the Affiliated Network Fact Sheet. You can also learn more about what it takes to start a YouthBuild program here.