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YouthBuild International

YouthBuild International works with partners to design and implement YouthBuild programs that are adapted to advance the learning, livelihood, and leadership aspirations of young people in each country context.


YouthBuild International supports partners to implement single programs, scaled networks of YouthBuild programs, and YouthBuild innovations.


YouthBuild International in-county partners include local and international NGOs, global development institutions, governments, and private-sector companies.

Global Youth in Context

Many YouthBuild programs operate in locations experiencing high levels
of poverty, crime and violence,
forced migration, or recovery from
conflicts and natural disasters. 

1.3 billion young people live in the world today. Approximately 90% of these youth live in developing countries.

500 million young people live on less than $2 a day.

Globally there are 267 million young people who are not in employment, education, or training.


Young people comprise 40% of the 80 million people worldwide who are displaced by conflict, violence or natural disasters.

YouthBuild International Network

YouthBuild International supports 61 programs in 14 countries, and its country-based implementing and learning partners comprise the YouthBuild International Network.

This network:

  • Supports a global delivery system which provides high-quality, relevant programming (preparation and placement) to opportunity youth focused on livelihood, learning and leadership outcomes.
  • Is an incubator of innovations that distills and shares learning with leaders and institutions working to prepare and link opportunity youth to productive livelihoods.
  • Is a systems reform partner, combining applied learning, real-time innovations, and youth voice to guide reforms to training, employment, education and criminal justice systems.

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The YouthBuild International Program Framework

YouthBuild International Network partners use the 3L Framework, a common program framework to guide the adaptation and implementation of YouthBuild programs and interventions that focuses on livelihoodslearning, and leadership.

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