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Baja California; Nuevo León; State of México; Guanajuato; Chihuahua; and México City

YouthBuild México

YouthBuild México supports young people living in informal communities to advance their leadership, education and skills development goals, and links graduates to quality formal sector jobs. The program is implemented in communities that experience high levels of poverty, violence, and migration.

YouthBuild México is YouthBuild International’s implementing partner in México. Founded in 2013, the program envisions a world where youth can build their own futures by accessing diverse opportunities.


The YouthBuild México program, Jóvenes con Rumbo, is supported by a network of over 100 NGO, government, and private sector employer partnerships. The model is delivered  through a national network of community based centers and alternative high schools. 


YouthBuild México operations have been financed by the government of Mexico, USAID, and national and global funders, including Prudential Financial and Arconic. YouthBuild México is launching the first youth employment social impact bond in Mexico.

Before I knew about the program, I was only dedicated to my home and my daughter,” said Blanca, a student at Jóvenes con Rumbo in México City. “I was often frustrated because the money was not enough, and I needed to do something to generate resources. For me, entering the program was a second chance at life. Since I started, my life has taken a turn both personally and in the workplace. Thanks to YouthBuild, I am finishing high school. My goal is to get a job and buy my own house.


View the YouthBuild México fact sheet. 


Visit the YouthBuild México website. 

The YouthBuild program in México, Jóvenes con Rumbo, operates in six states and has served nearly 16,500 young people to date since 2013. 


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