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Welcome, YouthBuild Alumni! Our YouthBuild USA Alumni Services Department is here to connect you with each other and provide opportunities that will help you succeed both professionally and personally, while simultaneously serving as leaders in your communities!

Financial Assistance and Professional Development Opportunities

We are committed to supporting YouthBuild alumni as they work to achieve their educational and professional goals. YouthBuild USA is proud to offer the following opportunities that aim to lessen the financial burden that alumni might experience as they work to advance their careers and become leaders in their communities.


The YouthBuild USA Asset Trust

The Asset Trust grant will be awarded based on need to YouthBuild alumni who are experiencing hardship; wish to further their entrepreneurial, professional or leadership endeavors; pursue personal milestones such as a home or vehicle purchase; or have an education-focused opportunity. Learn more.


Helene D. Stoneman Civic Leadership Scholarship

The Helene D. Stoneman Civic Leadership Scholarship is awarded to YouthBuild alumni who are leaders in their communities and working towards post-secondary success. Applications open on a yearly basis in the fall. Learn more.


The Global Equity Fellowship

The Global Equity Fellowship is a 10-month leadership opportunity for YouthBuild alumni from March through December. Fellows will follow an equity leadership framework to become a more self-aware, authentic, accessible, and empathetic leader. Throughout the fellowship, eight alumni will lean into curiosity, courage, collaboration, and collective problem-solving. Learn more.


The Alumni Services Department has been hosting Zoom gatherings led by YouthBuild alumni for alums and current students. Webinar topics include self-care, how to keep our connections alive, careers, service and leadership, mental health and wellness, and financial capabilities. At the end of each session, we reserve time for a discussion and Q and A. Program Directors should feel free to have students attend if they are looking for ways to supplement virtual curriculum.

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