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June 5, 2020

YouthBuild Stands For Justice

We at YouthBuild have struggled in anger to find the words to say something about the unconscionable killing of George Floyd and the violent acts that are marring the necessary protests happening all over the world.


This is a stark reminder that there is more happening in the world than COVID-19. Of course, the pandemic has only made more obvious the injustice and inequity too many face. The disproportionate impact on communities and people of color and vulnerable populations like those our YouthBuild programs support cannot be overstated. The inequity is increasing and our young people, who are already disadvantaged, have a longer road ahead.


YouthBuild denounces this senseless killing.


As we hold our anger and focus on transforming it into a vehicle for change, may we all find strength in knowing what we stand for.


To our young people, we offer our love, our solidarity, and a reminder of your power. If you want things to get better, you have to get better. If you want things to change, you have to change. Please remember your strength, especially at a time like this. To our field of programs globally, on the front lines standing with our young people, we respect and support your commitment to stand on the side of justice. YouthBuild USA stands with you.


We encourage everyone to stay in action about their personal education and growth. Integrity—wholeness—is never sustained without action. We ask our young people to commit to becoming the next greatest version of themselves at YouthBuild and beyond. We can only ask of them what we require of ourselves.


In solidarity, we will continue our important work and stand together in our shared mission for a more just world.

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