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Fort Worth, Texas

CLC, Inc. YouthBuild
Fort Worth

With model educational, training, and employment services for opportunity youth who need and want them most, CLC, Inc. YouthBuild Fort Worth provides its students with the tools they need to become leaders in their industry and community.

CLC, Inc. YouthBuild Fort Worth uses partnerships with industry, business, government, schools and community organizations to provide opportunity youth with the careers and futures that they deserve.


Active since 2000, the program’s mission is to help segments of the population who need most support: those disconnected from school or work, those returning from jail or prison, and more. Popular skills tracks for both men and women include welding, aerospace, CNC machining, bookkeeping and CompTIA A+.


Sean Guerrero came to YouthBuild Fort Worth as an 18-year-old high school graduate with no clear career path. He knew obtaining a trade or skills training would pave his way to a sustainable life, so he enrolled in the welding program. An exemplary student, he enjoyed everything about the work. After graduation in 2019, Sean started an apprenticeship with the Southwest Pipe Trades Association, where he currently remains in full-time classroom instruction. He will soon be eligible to work full time in the welding industry. “CLC, Inc. YouthBuild Fort Worth gave me what I needed to change my life.”


One year ago today, I was sitting in a jail cell waiting to be sentenced,” said Jacquelyn Lewis, a graduate of CLC, Inc. YouthBuild Fort Worth. “Today, I am a nationally certified welder, working for one of the top companies in our industry. And it’s all thanks to CLC, Inc. YouthBuild Fort Worth.


While receiving their own skills training, the students of CLC, Inc. YouthBuild Fort Worth never lose sight of the greater good, making it a priority to give back. Whether through serving at food pantries, tending to community gardens, visiting local veterans in nursing homes, distributing Thanksgiving dinners, or lending a hand at local nonprofits, the students share their skills and kindness for the betterment of their community. All of these activities and more help them become the community leaders of today and tomorrow.


Visit the CLC, Inc. YouthBuild Fort Worth website. 


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