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Lago, Agrio, Ecuador

Understanding the Value of Teamwork

When José Rafael Hermoso Jiménez visited Jóvenes Constructores Ecuador’s YouthBuild program, he was seeking training geared towards the career he was currently pursuing.

The staff at Jóvenes Constructores Ecuador’s YouthBuild program told José that before training, he must first complete other steps, including the youth challenge, employment and life skills training, and community service. When they told him all the steps that he had to take to complete the technical training (in his case accounting) and the time it would take (six months), José was worried about the time, especially as the primary breadwinner for his family. Despite all the responsibilities that he had to fulfill, José decided to enroll in the YouthBuild program.

It was, no exaggeration, one of the best decisions I have made and one of the best experiences I have had in my life, living among peers with similar but different backgrounds than my own. I learned the importance of empathy. Despite the fact that we come from different cultures, we are all capable of contributing to building and developing a better world through respect, healthy communication, responsibility, tolerance, and solidarity.

José also joined the Youth Business Canter with Jóvenes Constructores Ecuador‘s partner, FUNDER. Thanks to all the financial, technical, and personal support provided by the program, José’s family business is better organized and focused.

From José’s deep gratitude and inspiration for the program, he had the honor of writing a song called “Joven Constructor,” performed by some of his colleagues in the program. Ultimately, José pursued his desired accounting course, but he believes that what he learned over the course of the program has been much more personally fulfilling.  

I now understand the value of teamwork: while individual effort is always necessary, when we work together as a true, harmonious team in the pursuit of a common goal, nothing can stop us. Lastly, I learned that a true leader must know how to recognize both their abilities and limitations. A leader is always looking for opportunities and constantly learning. Rather than seeking to compete with others, it is more beneficial to inspire, motivate and serve those in need.
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