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San Luis, Arizona

Fighting the Spread of COVID-19

Young people at PPEP YouthBuild are working to fight the spread of COVID-19 among farmworkers in Arizona.

With unemployment looming and hundreds of Arizona farmworkers without income or protective equipment, YouthBuild was there. Thanks to their sense of community, PPEP YouthBuild in San Luis, Arizona, stepped up and partnered with other community members to deliver water, sandwiches, and masks to hundreds of farmworkers as they stood in line to file for one week of unemployment. YouthBuild students appealed to the City of San Luis Parks and Recreation and asked them to donate large tents for one week and portable toilets, so people could have shade and facilities while standing outside. 


PPEP YouthBuild students stood tall to make sure everyone had masks and water to help create a safer environment within their community. Through these types of community service projects, PPEP YouthBuild has built a solid reputation in the community and continues to build new partnerships. Their staff always tell their young people that there are many hard decisions, but when it comes to making an impact, it is not hard to do the right thing. The staff and their students continue to work hard, provide services to their community, and stay strong in the midst of COVID-19.

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