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Quincy, Massachusetts

YouthBuild Quincy

YouthBuild Quincy has transformed the lives of almost 400 opportunity youth by building strong local partnerships and making real and long-lasting contributions to the communities they serve – for families in need, for veterans, and for the homeless.

Since 2001, YouthBuild Quincy has operated a construction skills training track serving opportunity youth from Quincy, Massachusetts, and surrounding towns. The program has thrived largely due to strong community partnerships focused on making tangible positive impacts for those most in need.


Through its long-term partnership with NeighborWorks Housing Solutions, Youthbuild Quincy members have helped develop safe and affordable housing for families across the South Shore of Massachusetts. With its relationship to the innovative nonprofit Father Bill’s & MainSpring, they have helped maintain a much-needed homeless shelter in their city.


YouthBuild Quincy has educated nearly 400 young people in construction and carpentry techniques and industry safety practices while making vital contributions to the community including the rehabilitation of local veterans’ housing. Through all of this, their focus is on providing second chances to opportunity youth and supporting them in their journey.

As Quincy graduate Keith Condry said,

Quincy YouthBuild has taught me that no matter what happens in my life, I can keep moving forward in a positive direction.

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