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Providence, Rhode Island

Paying it Forward for the Next Generation in Providence

Elijah Stephenson forged his own path to success. Now, he’s leading other Rhode Island opportunity youth as they follow in his footsteps.

As a student and AmeriCorps member at YouthBuild Providence, Elijah Stephenson found immense professional and personal growth with their holistic model. When his time as a student came to a close, he realized he wanted to support other young people as they find similar paths.

Elijah currently works as the Student Success Coordinator at YouthBuild Providence. This role includes case management and recruitment, as well as the important job of being the middle school coordinator for the New Beginning Academy initiative. A role model to so many opportunity youth, Elijah was also the alumni keynote speaker at the 2019 YouthBuild Conference of Young Leaders, where he detailed his story and incredible resolve to better himself.

As a graduate of YouthBuild Providence, I have received opportunities and benefits that have built my character,” Elijah said. “Serving has given me the opportunity to give back to a community that has done so much for me.

His mission continues. Elijah recently began taking classes in course management in preparation for social work studies. Elijah is ushering in a new generation of leaders while devoting his career to serving others.

“I am motivated, and I am inspired to go back to school because of the experiences I’ve had while at YouthBuild Providence,” he said.

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