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April 8, 2022

John Valverde on GBH’s Under The Radar

YouthBuild USA President and CEO John Valverde was recently interviewed on GBH’s Under the Radar with Callie Crossley.

During the episode, John offers his thoughts on criminal justice reform and shares how YouthBuild programs provide a second chance to young people who have been involved in the criminal legal system. He describes the global network of YouthBuild programs as “second chance communities” where young people are provided with the support they need to rebuild their lives, achieve their full potential, and become leaders in their communities.

“It’s a ripple effect of second chances, but it starts with us seeing, hearing, and understanding young people for who they are and for their potential, not for how they’ve been defined by their involvement with the criminal justice system,” John says.

Listen to the full episode here

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