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Become a Partner

Employers and corporate partners can help provide opportunities for talented young people.

YouthBuild proudly partners with companies, government, national and international nonprofit organizations, and development finance institutions across sectors to train, educate, mentor, and hire YouthBuild students and alumni. Our partners provide YouthBuild programs, students, and graduates essential technical know-how, access to networks and livelihood opportunities, financial support, and inspiration.

Through collaboration, YouthBuild partners often gain access to a pipeline of talent, industry experts and innovations, and positive employee and customer engagement. YouthBuild partners can support their local communities and directly help address the opportunity divide by funding YouthBuild programs and initiatives, participating in volunteer activities, sponsoring events, and serving their communities alongside young leaders.

YouthBuild welcomes all partners – local, national, or international. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about investing in a talent pipeline, local communities, and the future.

Learn more about some of our partners:

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