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Whittier, California

Whittier YouthBuild

Whittier YouthBuild has made it a priority to serve its members with pride, meeting the needs of a diverse area and providing an inclusive place for young people, especially those in the LGBT+ community.

EntreNous Youth Empowerment Services is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that operates and sponsors the Whittier YouthBuild program. The program takes a holistic approach to youth development that addresses the unique emotional, social, and educational needs of young people. Along with their construction program, EntreNous offers Impactful Bites, a social enterprise within the culinary program that serves both the community and their young people.


EntreNous comes from the French term meaning “between me and you.” Relationships are at the center of Whittier YouthBuild’s programming, and they believe in providing a safe space where young people feel confident, loved, and cared for.


That focus on providing a safe space has been put into action at Whittier Youthbuild. In 2018, EntreNous expanded programming to meet the needs of its diverse community and provide an inclusive space for young people, especially those in the LGBT+ community. 


Whittier YouthBuild provides resources and support for all young people. The program serves its members with PRIDE: 


Positive outlook on the future 

Respect for self and others 

Inclusive language and actions 

Driven to build strong communities 

Employment ready 



In 2019, EntreNous sponsored the first ever Whittier PRIDE event. 


Alumna Alejandra Guizar said it best: 

At YouthBuild, I look at everyone as a family, one that includes both faculty and students. YouthBuild helps us succeed in whatever our goals are. YouthBuild actually cares about the success of their students and works with our schedules and helps us balance our responsibilities, empowering us to deal with our challenges, which is what I need right now. 

Visit the Whittier Youthbuild website