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Call, visit, or email your Senators today and ask them to support $102.5 million in FY’15 for DOL YouthBuild.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) has circulated a letter throughout the Senate asking her colleagues to support an increase to $102.5M in the FY'15 YouthBuild appropriation.  This letter is due on April 4, 2014.

Please find your U.S. Senators online and contact them today, asking them to sign on to Senator Gillibrand's letter in support of YouthBuild!

Find Senator Gillibrand's letter here.

Find the YouthBuild USA Factsheet (PDF) here.

Background on FY'14 DOL YouthBuild Appropriation

In 2010 the YouthBuild appropriation was $127.5 million. This included a basic level of $102.5 million plus $25 million of ARRA (stimulus) funds. DOL funded 226 local YouthBuild programs in 2010.  However, in 2011 a drastic cut of 37% occurred.

As a result the appropriation for FY'14 is just $77.5M.

With this appropriation the US Department of Labor (DOL) distributes funds through a competitive process to local non-profit or public entities who apply for a $1.1 million grant to operate a DOL YouthBuild program for two years in their community. While local programs raise funds in many ways, this federal support provides the backbone for the entire national delivery system.

37% cut to DOL YouthBuild in 2011

In 2011, pushed by the new leadership in the House of Representatives, Congress cut many programs benefitting low income people. DOL’s YouthBuild program was cut by 37%, down to just under $80 million.

50 Communities lose their YouthBuild Programs

As a result of the 2011 cut of 37% plus the sequestration cut, MORE THAN FIFTY LOCAL YOUTHBUILD PROGRAMS HAVE CLOSED IN THE UNITED STATES SINCE 2011. This is a tragic waste of the human resources and potential embodied in the youth who will not be engaged, as well as a waste of the federal investment that went into establishing those programs.

Senator Gillibrand Had Called for $130 million for FY'15 

Senator Gillibrand and the National YouthBuild Coalition called on the Obama Administration to increase the appropriation for YouthBuild in FY 2015 to $130M.  Nonetheless, the Obama budget for FY 2015 level-funded YouthBuild at the 2014 level of $77.5M   It is therefore crucial that we build support in the Senate for an increase.  Please contact your Senators today!  Thank you!   

Read the Advocacy Principles of YouthBuild USA


   Congressman Bob Dold (R-IL-10) welcomes YouthBuild students   

Note: YouthBuild USA organizes the YouthBuild Coalition to advocate for funding for the DOL YouthBuild program. It follows the laws governing lobbying and does not use any federal funds for this purpose.