Rural and Tribal Development

YouthBuild USA established the Rural and Tribal Initiative in 1999 to pursue strategies that help local YouthBuild program staff and their young people to overcome barriers to positive youth outcomes and community and economic development.  The five overarching goals of our Rural and Tribal Initiative are to:

  • Support the development of young people in becoming active leaders in rural communities;
  • Affirm the integral role of youth development in sustainable rural community development strategies;
  • Strengthen the abilities and capacities of rural YouthBuild program operators;
  • Impact broader rural policy with a particular emphasis in the Mississippi Delta, Appalachia, borderlands/colonias, and tribal-serving areas; and
  • Support the development of new programs for young people in underserved rural areas, particularly on tribal lands or those serving tribal youth.

At the time this work began in 1999, there were only 23 rural YouthBuild programs operating in the nation.  Today there are 91.

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The Rural Initiative welcomes your support! Please contact us if you are interested in collaborating with us or funding our pursuits. Questions and comments can also be directed to:

Kim Phinney, Director of Rural & Tribal Development